Serving the construction industry – big and small.

JPMS Cox, PLLC performs audits and reviews of financial statements, tax services, small business services, and general consulting services, as needed, to our construction clients. Our clients range from small specialty contractors, to mid-size general contractors, to national construction companies with jobs in many states. Many of our construction clients have one thing in common: they are a family owned business or owned by a small group of owners who are deeply involved in the operations of the company. This ownership structure enables our clients to be heavily invested in the success of their business as they seek face-to-face interactions and personal service from their professional accounting services firm. We meet those needs through our focus on client service and open communication. We make a point to talk with our construction clients throughout the year and not just as the deadlines approach for contractor’s licenses or tax returns. It is vital to both our clients and our commitment to quality services that we communicate openly of the state of the industry, as well as the individual companies, potential changes to the company, upcoming changes to accounting regulations, and new tax regulations affecting the industry and the company’s ownership. Our audit department services the construction industry in multiple ways, including meeting licensing board and surety requirements for audits or reviews of financial statements. JPMS Cox, PLLC’s audit approach utilizes techniques that meet or exceed the auditing standards governing our profession, while also allowing us to identify suggestions for improved efficiency and effectiveness of accounting controls and procedures. We seek to go beyond the requirements of the engagement letter by enhancing management’s ability to meet its objectives and by serving as a source of support for dealing with financial and regulatory challenges unique to our construction industry clients, including keeping our clients informed of potential upcoming changes in accounting regulations, such as revenue recognition. Our variety of clients in this industry allow us to gain insight and perspective into the industry in our geographic region, challenges affecting the industry, and knowledge of methods utilized to resolve regulatory noncompliance. Not all of our construction clients require an audit of their financial statements, but instead seek a review of their financial statements. Although a review is less in scope than an audit, we strive to serve those clients with the same level of commitment and service as our audit clients. This includes coordination of review and tax services within our Firm, as well as communication of any significant risks noted during the review of the financial statements.